SPOUDI is a tutorial school of secondary level education that was founded in Kavala, in 2014. Three young and inspired teachers, having years of teaching experience, have joined their forces to create a school with the aim to provide high quality educational services.
The school maintains modern facilities and has highly qualified teaching staff. Combining traditional teaching methods with new technologies aims to stand by the effort of students, for their entry into higher education.

Our work

app2u has undertaken the manufacture of Spoudi website and the design and development of a web application for the digital management of the school, which at the same time would serve as a communication and collaboration space between parents, students and teachers.

Initially, we performed a requirement analysis in order to define the structure, the content and the functions of the website. Given the large volume of information that should be displayed on the website, we organized the content into sub-sections, so that it is easily accessible from the visitor of the website in a few clicks. In addition, we created a user friendly administration interface making the update of the website’s content simple and effective. The development of the website was made by using our Content Management System (app2uCMS) and was based on a commercial theme, that we have adapted to the needs of Spoudi school.

For the design and development of the web application e-Spoudi we worked in close collaboration with the school’s staff at all stages of product development, from initial requirements analysis all the way to the official launch of the project.
The application enables parents and students to access a range of functions and information, after they login to the service with their account. Examples of functions and features are the monthly and quarterly assessment graphs, electronic notes, discussion with the teachers, student’s calendar, weekly class schedule, absences, notifications, grades and more.
On the other hand, teachers and secretariat have a full supervision of the school's operations and can interact with the students and update their information by performing functions such as management of student catalog, creating accounts, entering grades and absences, updating school’s calendar, sharing notes, printing files, displaying evaluation graphs etc.


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