Bioanalysis was founded at September 1996 by the Dr. Loulelis D. Vasileios, who is a microbiologist. It is located in Patras centre and is considered as one of the top microbiology laboratories in Patras. Bioanalysis offers several kinds of tests, as microbiological, biochemical, blood, molecular while it also maintains a sperm bank on its facilities.

Our work

app2u designed and developed a web application for the digital management of the Bioanalysis Andrology Department. We worked in close collaboration with the doctor and the laboratory’s staff, at all stages of the product development process, in order to create the best possible solutions for every part of the management and maintenance of the sperm bank (i.e. patient records, samples storage, test results etc.).
We developed the backend administration system paying special attention at the UX design in order to reach a practical and user-friendly result. The most demanding part of the application involved design of the storage architecture of the patient samples and the transfer of the physical media constraints to the corresponding digital storage system. Another aspect in which we put special effort, by implementing encryption techniques, was the security assurance of the sensitive medical data which are held by the app. Lastly, there was a considerable testing period before the launch of the application, during which we conducted an in depth functional testing of the application.


web development application ux design


css3 html5 javascript php

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